Thursday, December 09, 2004,12:00:00 PM
Hepi Bertdei Honey
I've discovered something wonderful about you...
Something that took me by surprise...

I've known for sometimes you were someone spesial,
sensitive, romantic and caring
And you always bring out the best in me.

But now I realize....
You're much more than that
You're my friend, the best friend
I ever have in my life.

I never imagine ....
such a perfect combination
can exist in one person,
But there you are...
And here I am....
Loving you - Forever.

Happy Birthday Honey
Hope we can always
Share this special moment together
for the rest of our life

Puisi paling atas bukan karangan gue :p Lagi keilangan inspirasi neh buat bikin kata2 romantis
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