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What is Bisphenol A?
In the last several years, new scientific research on polycarbonate and other plastics has raised public concern about exposure to the chemical Bispehnol A (BPA) when using bottles made of such materials. While the exact toxicity of Bisphenol A is still subject to debate, many people have begun looking for alternatives. This article introduces Bisphenol A, the toxicity debate, and provides links to BPA-free bottle retailers and more information.

What is Bisphenol A?
Bisphenol A is a chemical used for the production of industrial epoxies, polycarbonate plastics, fungicides, flame-retardants, antioxidants, and other products. In the last few years, concerns about this chemical leaching into our food supply through canned goods and plastic containers have increased as scientists have begun linking BPA to serious health risks.

In the body, BPA functions as an estrogen receptor agonist, which means that it mimics estrogen. In high doses, this chemical causes a myriad of negative health effects to lab animals. These effects include a higher occurrence of breast cancer, miscarriages due to aneuploidy, pre-cancerous prostate lesions, insulin resistance, and behavioral changes.1 Many scientists now link BPA consumption by humans to health risks like breast cancer, fertility problems, and behavior problems.2

Our Dailey Dose: Toxic or Tame?
Few dispute that bisphenol is inherently toxic to humans. However, the EPA, FDA, plastics manufacturing industry, and producers of plastic goods assure us that the amount of BPA the average individual consumes daily is far lower than the levels known to negatively affect humans.3 Even so, that did not stop San Francisco from banning the sale of baby bottles containing bpa in December 2006,4 or deter Canada's Department of Health from rejecting retailers' claims that bpa is completely safe for use and initiating an effort to conduct further BPA research. Currently, new legislation has been introduced in nine states that would limit the use of BPA in plastic containers.5

This level of public concern has even affected retailers, prompting Patagonia, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Whole Foods Markets, and others to take BPA-containing plastic containers off of the shelf.6

It is clear that BPA exposure can pose health risks to humans, but should we be worried enough to change our consumption habits? Unfortunately for us, there is an abundance of websites that convincingly dispute the same scientific research.

For instance,, which is run by the American Chemistry Council argues that the safety of polycarbonate plastics (the polymer that has received the most negative press on BPA leaching) "has been supported by numerous science-based safety evaluations of Bisphenol A that have been conducted by independent government and scientific bodies worldwide." In stark contrast, the Environmental Working Group (, a public health watchdog and lobbyist group states, "more than 100 peer-reviewed studies have found BPA to be toxic at low doses, some similar to those found in people."

The Search for Alternatives
While the controversy rallies on, we will not likely know the true amount of bpa that we consume daily or the exact effects it has on us. In the meantime, many people have searched out containers made of alternative materials such as stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastics.

Luckily, alternatives are not difficult to find. The drive in demand for alternative materials has caused a new non-BPA industry to emerge. Plastic bottle makers, baby gear manufacturers, container companies, and others are eyeing alternative materials for their products while businesses specializing in the sale of safe alternatives are springing up all over the Internet.

It is now relatively easy to find baby bottles and water bottles that are made from non-BPA plastics and other alternative materials.

Reusable Water Bottles
In recent years, reusable water bottles have become ubiquitous at school, fitness centers, work, and home. Of these bottles, the vast majority is still made from polycarbonate plastic. Why is that?

Polycarbonate is inexpensive, durable, and lends itself to rigorous manufacturing processes.These qualities and its aesthetic appeal made it the material of choice for most big name bottle companies, including Nalgene, Camelbak, and Rubbermaid. This is unfortunate as, according to research, polycarbonate is the biggest offender when it comes to the leaching of Bisphenol A.

While there have always been a relatively small number of bottles made with alternative materials, they have, for the most part, used plastics that weren't as durable or attractive as polycarbonate. The high costs of plastics with characteristics similar to polycarbonate have kept manufacturers from developing bottles with these materials.

All of that is changing.

Now, word of potential risks associated with BPA is spreading and demand for high-quality alternative plastics is growing, thus increasing the profitability of using them.

It is worth noting that the use of aluminum and stainless steel water bottles has increased, with companies like Sigg and Kleen marketing on the dangers of BPA exposure. However, many people have reservations about drinking out of metal containers and still prefer safe, plastic alternatives.

It is now possible to find water bottles that are just as durable and attractive as polycarbonate bottles but are made of 100% BPA-free materials.

Though the prices of these bottles remain on the high end of the scale, many consumers feel that the extra few dollars are worth the peace of mind.


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Nuby Wacky Ware Microwaveable bowl

Salah satu review niy :)

When it was revealed there were harmful toxins in the some of the baby plastic items we use each and every day, I was tempted to throw all my plastic cups, feeding sets, and utensils into the trash and to only let my child use their fingers and organic paper plates and cups. Methinks a bit messy, wasteful and not very practical. Fortunately there are many items out there that are not only safe and also stylish, like these Nuby BPA Free Wacky Ware Microwavable Bowls ($7.60 each). They are made from tough polypropylene plastic (plastic #5 for those keeping score at home) so they’re safe to nuke. They have handles on both sides and also lids that make for a tight seal. These bowls are safe and practical and pretty damn cute too.

order yuk di sini


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Saturday, November 22, 2008,7:46:00 AM
Seberapa dini anak diajar untuk mandiri??
Kemaren waktu ke rumah cici gue, nyokap gue bilang.. si susternya sasha bilang .. kasian amat si ken... mau pee segala apa2 sendiri... ngak dibantuin... Lho? gue bilang ama nyokap gue.. kenapa mesti kasian? anak klo bisa mandiri di usia dini kan bagus? daripada udah gede tapi apa2 masih mesti ngandalin orang lain..

Patokan gue siy ya.... sejauh apa yg dia kerjakan itu tidak melebihi kemampuan fisik dia, berarti dia emang bisa dan mampu.. tidak diforsir. Gitu aja siy... Dan tidak ada yg terlalu dini jika emang anaknya bisa...

Si ken itu klo mau pee kan emang langsung copot celana sendiri, trus ke kamar mandi.. pee di closet dan flush sendiri. Make celana aja yg dia masih suka salah hehehe... tapi belakangan udah mulai bagus siy make celananya... Dia ngak pernah gue temenin lho... jadi ketika dia lagi maen, trus mau pee... dia pee aja sendiri ke kamar mandi.. abis itu baru lanjut lagi maennya. Tapi udah seminggu ini dia ogah pee ke kamar mandi niy.

Ceritanya kira2 6 hari yg lalu, abis pee dari kamar mandi... dia langsung meluk gue sampe gemeteran.. sembari bilang akutt... akutt... kepalanya disrudukin ke paha gue yg lagi duduk di depan kompie. Nah.. semenjak itu... dia ngak berani pee ke kamar mandi lagi, meskipun siang hari.

Gue ngak tau dia ngeliat apa sampe ketakutan kae gitu, karena waktu kejadian malam hari siy.. emang kamar mandi kan lampu selalu mati tapi dia bisa nyalain sendiri kok ketika dia mau masuk, dan waktu itu lampunya udah nyala.. jadi gue nga jelas juga dia ngeliat apa sampe takut kae gitu. Mungkin pantulan bayangan di tangga 'kali yaa... secara kamar mandi gue kan letaknya di bawah tangga.. dan tangga itu keramiknya warna item.

Trus kejadian yg sama keulang lagi... setelah traumanya agak lepas... kira2 selang 2-3 hari gitu... dia masuk lagi dan jerit2 dari kamar mandi.. tergopoh2 gue samperin dan gendong dia. Abis itu kapok lagi deh dia ke kamar mandi sendiri :(

Jadi dia sampe bela2in bawa pot buat maenan di pasir dia buat nadah pee dia :p. Klo ada kececeran di lantai, sebelum gue omelin... dia dah ambil kain sendiri trus dilap deh bekas cecerannya hahaha. Kadang ada aja tuh akalnya.. dia bilang mau pup .. nah pasti gue temenin kan.. secara untuk duduk di closet gue masih takut dia kepeleset atau apa, jadi selalu gue yg angkat dan dudukin dia di closet. Awalnya siy dia selalu suruh gue keluar... ya gue turutin.. tar abis dia flush dan cebok baru gue masuk cebokin dia lagi. Eh.. lama2 kok rada mencurigakan ya.. masa sehari bisa beberapa kali minta pup. Terakhir gue ikut masuk dan gue tongkrongin... ternyata dia cuman pee doang... gue tanya.. mana pupnya? "tuh..." dia nunjuk ke bawah hihihi.. nga ada! gue bilang... trus dia langsung pura2 ngeden deh... abis itu baru bilang.. nga eek... halah... ternyata cuman minta ditemenin aja... :D

Anak umur segitu emang lucu2nya siy.. apalagi kadang klo lagi ngakalin kita hehehe... suka gemes gue klo liat dia lagi bobo. Lucu lho.. dia klo lagi bobo pipinya tembem.. mirip banget ama anak cici gue yg gede si marco.. percis deh.. tapi klo dah bangun facenya berubah lagi kekeke

Oya, 3 hari yg lalu ketika tidurin dia.. gue ikut ketiduran tanpa sempat makein dia diaper malam. Eh.. sampe pagi dia ngak ngompol lho. Sejak itu gue biasain deh ngak pake diaper... udah jalan 3 hari siy, dan smuanya sukses lho tanpa ngompol.

Klo tau segampang ini mah.. mungkin dah gue mulai dari dulu yak hehehe. Tapi thanks GOD juga siy.. ternyata lepas diaper malam tuh gampang banget, ngak perlu bersusah payah... Dan thanks GOD juga ngak ada waktu gue yg terbuang buat usaha lepas diaper ini, karena tanpa gue perlu bersusah payah ternyata dia udah bisa nahan sendiri. Sepertinya emang ketika tiba saatnya anak udah bisa control peenya... berarti itu udah saatnya untuk dilepas diapernya. Selama ini gue ngak pernah berani mulai karena malas mikirin bolak balik bangunnya, secara gue orangnya klo dah tidur trus kebangun .. bisa ngak tidur2 lagi :D. Dan dia tuh waktu make diaper, pagi2 bangun pasti penuh punya diapernya... makanya gimana ngak was2 duluan guenya??
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008,9:42:00 AM
2 in 1 harness buddy

This is a cute little harness and backpack

It will help Keep your child close and safe. Connecting Straps adjust as your child grows. Machine washable and on the back of the animal has a velcro pocket to store goodies and toys for your little one. Ages 18 months and up

* Functions as both a harness and a backpack
* Makes harnessing more friendly
* Remove tether strap for use as a back pack alone
* Animal fun for kids on the run
* Adjustable tether strap, included
* Velcro for easy on and off
* Zippered pocket on back of animal
* Machine washable
* Ages 18 mos +
* Tether length; 38" (appx)

IDR 350.000

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Thursday, November 13, 2008,10:23:00 AM
For Sale : BPA Free Product
more detail n more product klik here

Thermos Foogo
IDR 295.000
Available colour : Blue

Thermos Foogo Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar, Blue, Leak-Proof

Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos has brought its superior insulation technology to a new line of children’s products for ages six months and older. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and foodborne illnesses, Thermos also offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that Foogo™ products use all FDA approved materials and do not use plastics containing Bisphenol A (BPA) (a component of polycarbonate plastic (#7) which might post serious health risks to children).


* TherMax® double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention
* Keeps food cold for 7 hours and hot for 5 hours
* Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
* Wide mouth is easy to fill, eat from, and clean
* Dishwasher safe
* Ergonomically designed lid with rubber grip
* Non-slip, scratch resistant base, and cool to the touch with hot foods
* Light, compact and portable


* Volume: 10 oz (290 ml)
* Weight: 0.5 lb
* Dimensions: 3.8" L x 3.8" W x 4.8" H

Evenflo Classic Tinted Polypropylene Baby Bottles
IDR 195.000 (per pack 3 pc)

Sassy MAM ULTIvent Bottles, 9 oz, Wide Neck

IDR 115.000 1 pc
IDR 320.000 3 pc
available colour : pink, blue n green

Each bottle comes with a size 2, medium flow nipple

Nuby 14 oz no spill Flip It Cup

IDR 95.000
Colors available : blue, orange, neon green, yellow, fushia and purple

• Kwik-Flo straw valve lets Flip-It Sports Sipper avoid messy spills and keeps straw clean when not in use.
• Easy screw-on lid seals tightly to help prevent leaking.
• Flip-Its soft, flexible straw provides protection against accidental injury to delicate mouth, teeth, and gums.
• Child-proof straw cannot be removed from top.
• Kwik-Flo valve allows for easy sipping and is leak resistant even with straw or if Flip top is up.
• Softly curved shape and textured grip allows easy handling by child and parent alike.

Nuby Easy Gripper Cup 10oz No-Spill with soft silicone spout

IDR 80.000

no spill cup with new valveless non-drip soft silicone spout

Enginereed to make feeding and handling easier, designed with two people in mind, the No-Spill Cup is perfect for beginners. your little one will find the transition from bottle to cup an easy one with the cup's soft silicone spout and the unique contour shape that easily fits their small hands. you will be delighted with the transition thanks to luv n care's valveless, leak resistant design.

Spout :
The soft silicone spout (patent pending) is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills. The unique soft silicone spout allows fluid to flow out of spout with sucking action of child. The silicone spout closes when sucking action ceases, ensuring a leak resistant cup, while being delicate and gentle to baby's gum and emerging teeth

Made from clear, break resistant plastic. Microwave safe for warming fluid only. always warm fluids with cap and spout removed from cup

Wash before initial use and after each subsequent use. Fill cup with liquid about 3/4 full. Screw cap on tightly to guarantee seal.

Dishwasher safe (top rack only) or wash in warm water using mild liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

 Eases transition from bottle to cup
 Holds 10 ounces
 Valveless, leak-proof design made of nontoxic, break-resistant plastic
 Soft spout is gentle on your baby's gums
 Easy-to-hold, contoured shape
 Reusable plastic cup with silicone sipper spout
 Suitable for milk, water, and fruit juices
 Top-rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe
 Fits most car and stroller cupholders
 BPA-free

sippy cup w handles

IDR 85.000
available colour : red yellow n blue

Nuby No-Spill Sippy Cups w/No-Drip Soft Spout with HANDLES (by Luv n' care)

with the New Soft Silicone Spout with Handles. These are not plastic like the other brands. Each cup is 10 oz. (295 mL) each. They are no spill and have no valve which makes them much easier to clean

Sassy's No Scratch Bottle Brush

IDR 100.000
available colour : green , orange n Purple

Sassy's No Scratch Bottle Brush.

Don’t scratch your bottle clean!
Only from Sassy, the No-Scratch Bottle Brush safely and effectively cleans your baby’s bottle without scratching.

It features a unique bristle head that dispenses soap while cleaning and a retractable nipple brush;

ideal for easy-cleaning of wide-mouth bottles. Recommended for ages Birth+.


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Monday, November 10, 2008,11:20:00 AM
Lagi di hukum di pojokan
karena dibilangin ngak mau nurut.. ama daddynya disuruh duduk di pojokan. Awalnya siy sedih dia nangis2.. manggil2 gue.. minta tolong gitu... karena gue cuekin.. bete juga dia akhirnya :D

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,11:03:00 AM
Kapan anak pake celana dalam??

Ada yg bisa share ngak? kapan siy tepatnya anak dipakein celana dalam? Ceritanya kemaren kan jalan2 ke sms belanja bahan makanan buat si ken. Nah abis belanja dia maen trampoline di circuz... gue tinggalin dia ama jeff. Pas gue balik.. gue buka celananya suruh dia pee dulu.. entah karena gue yg ngak teliti atau terlalu terburu2... pas resletingnya dah mau hampir di bawah.. rada nyangkut gitu... gue coba tarik.. ehh dia jerit2.... gue liat dengan teliti... Ya Yuhan.. mencelos langsung jantung gue... tuh burungnya kejepit resleting... ditarik ke bawah ngak bisa.. ditarik ke atas ngak bisa

Mati gue!! bener2 panik... cepet2 minta tolong ama si jeff.. akhirnya dengan agak ditegain si jeff tarik ke atas.... whoaa kebayang ngak siy? jadi inget pilem something about mary.... akhirnya dipakein pull up pants deh.. takut dia karena sakit jadi nahan pee gitu.. ngak berani pee. Huhuhu untung ngak sampe luka parah.. sepertinya cuman lecet dikit aja.. karena abis itu dia dah happy lagi...

Hu bener2 pengalaman berharga niy. Sepertinya emang udah harus pake celana dalam ya??


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