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Nyantai dulu

Kenneth sekarang mulai aktif niy.. kalo lagi nggak bobo, dia ogah kalo ditaroh berbaring doang. Mesti ada kegiatan buat menghibur dia.. kalo nggak.. bakalan merengek2 dianya... kadang kalo lagi nggak capek gue kasi liat flashcard. Dia siy paling demen kalo gue gendong depan trus ditaroh di meja rias gue... abis deh di-ilerin ama dia... kadang barang2 di atas meja disapu2 ama dia.. mesti gerak cepat juga ngawasin dia karena banyak juga botol2 dari bahan kaca. Kadang gue dudukin aja di atas meja rias, trus dia liat2 deh cerminnya trus ketawa2 sendiri.. yg paling disenengin siy ngambil2in barang yg ada di atas meja trus dimasukin ke mulut ama dia... semua barang deh...

Kenneth itu kurang gigih anaknya.. kalo pengen sesuatu kurang usaha... mungkin gue juga yg selama ini salah.. tiap dia mulai nggak sabar gue langsung bantu dia.. akibatnya kalo ngambil barang nggak dapet.. dia langsung kesel dan marah.. trus nangis deh.. nangisnya nggak keluar air mata :D


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Thursday, September 28, 2006,6:53:00 PM


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Wednesday, September 27, 2006,7:19:00 PM


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The best sleep advice you've never heard
"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one." — Leo J. Burke.

Ah, blessed, luxurious sleep ... remember what it was like to get eight uninterrupted hours a night? If you have young children, it probably seems like a distant memory. According to a 2004 National Sleep Foundation poll, up to 69 percent of kids age 10 and under have trouble falling asleep and staying there. As for the other 31 percent — what's their secret? We turned to leading childhood sleep experts to help us uncover some surprising strategies that really work.

Babies: Sleep deprivation 101

Although newborns have a penchant for sleeping up to 18 hours a day, they do it in maddeningly short bursts around the clock. Here's how to get your little Rip Van Winkle to put in a few of those hours (preferably in a row) during the night.

Put your baby to bed when she's drowsy, not fast asleep
This is a tall order, especially for breastfeeding moms, but master the timing and you'll score some much-needed sack time. Babies who drift off on their own are more apt to fall asleep more quickly and learn how to soothe themselves to sleep easier, says Kim West, author of Good Night, Sleep Tight. West is a social worker in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as a professional sleep consultant who has helped more than 2,000 families nationwide soothe troubled sleepers.

Here's her advice: Starting when your newborn is 6 to 8 weeks old, create a sleepiness scale from 1 to 10 — 1 is full-throttle and 10 is out cold. Wait until your baby hits number 7, and lay her down to sleep. Less-vigorous arm and leg action along with diminished sucking power (from nourishing to soothing) are both reliable signs she's nearing sandland.

Try not to look your baby in the eye
Many babies are easily stimulated. A loving look from you can take them from tired to wired faster than you can say, "uh oh." Seeing your baby brighten at your glance is heartwarming at noon and discouraging at midnight.

Parents who make eye contact with sleepy babies inadvertently encourage them to snap out of their sleep zone, says Claire Lerner, director of parent education at Zero to Three, a nonprofit that promotes the health of infants and toddlers. "The more interaction that takes place between you and your baby during the night, the more motivation they have to get up."

So what should you do instead? Lerner suggests keeping it low-key. If you must enter your baby's sleep space at night, don't hold her gaze, chitchat, or serenade her with your favorite Rolling Stones hit. Keep your gaze on her belly and soothe her back to sleep with a soft voice and gentle touch.

Win her over to the dark side
"Lights push your child's biological 'go' button," says Elizabeth Pantley, author of the No-Cry Sleep Solution. On the flip side, darkness triggers the brain to release melatonin, a key sleep hormone.

If your baby sleeps more during the day than at night, help her to know the difference. During the day, allow plenty of sunlight into the house. Put your baby down for daytime naps in well-lighted rooms (unless she has trouble with naps). To induce nighttime sleepiness, install dimmers on the lights not only in your baby's room but also in other rooms where you both spend a lot of time. Lower the lights up to two hours before bedtime in the evening to set the mood. Nightlights are okay, but choose small, dim ones with a bluish tone (the vivid yellow and bright white varieties are more stimulating).

During the night, if your child wakes up, don't turn on the lights or carry her into a brightly lighted room. The shift from dark to light tells her brain it's time to rise and shine. Instead, soothe her back to sleep in her bedroom. If early morning sunlight prompts your child to wake too early or if she has trouble napping in the afternoon, install room-darkening shades.

Cut your tie to the baby monitor
A parent who jumps at every squeak transmitted over the baby monitor will teach her child to wake up more often, says Pantley. Instead, time your entrance so that you go to your child between the moment you know for sure she's awake and the moment she escalates into a full-blown howl. Waiting a few minutes gives her a chance to soothe herself back to sleep. And stepping in before a meltdown means that you'll catch her before she's too worked up to fall back asleep.

Either way, it's okay to turn down the sensitivity on your baby monitor. Set the volume so you'll hear her when she's distressed but you won't be privy to every gurgle. Eventually you may just want to turn the thing off.

Relax the rules on diaper changes
Resist the urge to change your baby every time she wakes up — you'll just jostle her awake even more. Instead, dress your baby in a high-quality, nighttime diaper at bedtime, says Pantley. When she wakes up, sniff to see if it's soiled and change only if you must. For sleepy nighttime changes, nothing wakes a baby faster than a cold, wet wipe. Try substituting a warm washcloth.

Toddlers and preschoolers: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse

It's hard to believe, but by the time your child celebrates his second birthday, he has spent more time asleep than awake. On average, toddlers need 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day, including naps. (Preschoolers do fine on 11 to 13 hours.) Don't be alarmed if your child vetoes the two-nap routine. At around 18 months, it's not unusual for a child to wean himself from two naps to one. But cutting his siestas in half means nighttime sleep gets promoted to highest priority.

Keep the sleep routine short and sweet
An elaborate, multifaceted variety show — a bath, three books, two songs, and a back rub — can stretch on ad nauseam. "Before you know it, your well-intentioned sleep routine turns from transition time to playtime for your child," says Mary Ann LoFrumento, a pediatrician and author of Simply Parenting: Understanding Your Newborn and Infant. If your child fights bedtime, keep the focus on sleep and don't let your child call all the shots.

LoFrumento suggests that parents of troubled sleepers keep the routine no longer than 15 minutes. (Longer is fine if your child falls asleep easily.) Fifteen minutes should be all it takes to put on pajamas, read two short books, and say goodnight, she says.

Connect the dots
"One of the biggest mistakes parents make is not connecting a child's sleep and his daytime behavior," says Pantley. She attributes many of the behaviors labeled as terrible twos to signs of sleep deprivation. "Fussiness, whininess, fighting with siblings — all have their root in the lack of a good night's sleep." Her advice? Move up bedtime. (See our next tip, "Take back the night.")

Take back the night
Exert control and set an early bedtime, preferably between 7 and 8 p.m., Pantley says. "These kids aren't looking at the clock to see what time it is. They're simply waiting for someone to tell them it's time for bed." So pick a time and stick to it.

Practice climate control
Sure, 72 degrees Fahrenheit sounds comfy for a bedroom. And that's true — when you're awake. But the ideal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That's because sleep follows on the heels of a sharp drop in body temperature, which is also why a bath before bed helps kids nod off faster. The bath gets your child nice and toasty and then the cool room causes his body temperature to drop, which brings on sleepiness.

So, nudge the thermostat down at least an hour before bedtime. If you're forgetful, install an automatic thermostat. Program it to drop in the evening and rise in the morning, and your child just might follow suit.

Wake kids at the same time every day
A consistent wake-up routine is just as important as a regular bedtime. Children should get up at roughly the same time every day (give or take 30 minutes). Fight the urge to let them sleep in on weekends, says Pantley. "What we are doing is asking our children to live in two different time zones — a weekday zone and a weekend zone," she says. "As a result, they get perpetual jet lag."

Just because kids don't benefit from a little extra shut-eye on the weekends doesn't mean you won't. If weekend mornings are your only time to make up lost sleep, trade morning duty with your partner so that your child stays on track.

Grade-schoolers: The age of reason
As children outgrow naps, cribs, and lullabies, they gain an important skill: reasoning. "Parents have less direct control over making older children sleep, so it becomes about making them a partner and teaching them about the importance of getting a good night's rest," says Pantley.

Children ages 5 to 12 still need between ten and 11 hours of sleep a night. Pantley suggests appealing to their logical side. At this age children are old enough to understand that hormones that help them grow are released during sleep, so they need to sleep to reach their full height, she says. Use a similar logic for good grades or sports: If they sleep well their brains will be better able to remember what they learned at school that day, and their bodies will perform better on the baseball field.

Stamp out night-owl behavior
Staying up too late is a common pitfall for grade-schoolers. Parents often contribute to the problem because they want to spend more time with their kids at the end of the day. Do the math backward. "If your child needs 11 hours a night and he tends to wake up at 7 a.m., then he needs to be asleep by 8 p.m.," says West.

Sleep-inducing snacks
Put your child in the mood for sleep by giving him a healthy, sleep-instigating treat an hour before bedtime. Some foods naturally spark a release of serotonin, the body's built-in sleep inducer: Try a glass of milk, a piece of whole-wheat toast with a slice of cheese, half a peanut butter sandwich, or oatmeal with bananas.

During the day, cut out foods containing caffeine six hours before bedtime. According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 75 percent of school-age children guzzle caffeinated beverages, such as colas. And since most of these drinks are empty calories, consider eliminating them from your child's diet altogether.

Discourage homework before bed
Kids who do homework before bed often stay up too late and are groggy the next day. Scientific studies link irregular sleep patterns to academic and behavioral problems. School-age children are desperate for sleep, says LoFrumento. "I've had lots of parents tell me their child's school performance improved dramatically with better sleep habits."

Instead of letting your child leave homework until the last minute, schedule a regular work time either right before dinner or right after, suggests LoFrumento. "Leave your child plenty of time to play sports, run around, or just relax after a long day at school but make sure to wrap up homework by 7:30 or 8 p.m." If your child consistently has trouble with a heavy homework load, talk to her teacher.

Be choosy about your child's mattress
Most adults spend hours picking the perfect mattress for their own bed, but accept whatever mattress comes with their child's bed, says Pantley. Her suggestion? Lie on your child's bed for 30 minutes. Ask yourself: Is it comfortable? How's the pillow? Is the blanket soft and cozy? Make it a place you'd want to sleep.

Rule out medical problems
Like adults, children can have medical conditions that interfere with their sleep. Up to 12 percent of kids snore, and as many as 10 percent have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which the airway becomes partially blocked and reduces airflow, which rouses the child from a deep sleep. Although many children will outgrow the problem, ask your pediatrician for help if your child snores heavily or is excessively sleepy during the day.

The BabyCenter Seven: Sleep Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Newborns don't need a sleep schedule. "Even very young babies benefit from scheduling and consistency at nighttime and nap time," says Kim West, a sleep consultant and author of Good Night, Sleep Tight. "It lays the groundwork for learning how to sleep through the night once they're older."

Myth #2: Infants can sleep through the night. Just like adults, children wake up four to five times a night. The catch is that adults know how to get themselves back to sleep and infants don't. Mary Ann LoFrumento, author of Simply Parenting: Understanding Your Newborn and Infant, says that while many babies are capable of consistently soothing themselves to sleep after two or three months, others don't do that until age 6 months or beyond.

Myth #3: You can get a child to sleep through the night by starting solids early (before 4 to 6 months). Many parents mistakenly think this technique will work by keeping their baby full longer, but it's a bad idea, says Claire Lerner, director of parent education at Zero to Three, a nonprofit that promotes the health of infants and toddlers. She notes that young infants lack the mature digestion and oral-motor skills to handle solid foods, and introducing solids too early may trigger some food allergies.

Myth #4: It's okay to let your baby sleep in a moving seat or swing. A few minutes in a moving swing or bouncy seat can soothe a fussy baby, but don't let it become a crutch. Sleeping in a moving swing or seat for a prolonged period of time keeps your baby in a light sleep, meaning he won't get the deep, restful sleep he needs, says Lerner. Sleeping babies should spend 50 percent of their time in non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the deepest sleep stage, during which the brain sends out growth and developmental hormones.

Myth #5: Children who don't nap during the day sleep longer at night. Not so, says West. Skipping daytime naps only leads to sleep sabotage. Kids who are overtired will often miss their sleep window at night, she explains. Miss the window and the body secretes cortisol, a form of adrenaline. As a result, kids will sleep more fitfully and wake up earlier (not later) the next morning.

"You have to fill your child's sleep tank during the day to get him to sleep well at night," she says. Of course, children will naturally need fewer naps as they get older. The transition from two naps to a single afternoon nap usually occurs between 15 and 18 months, says West. Expect naps to be a thing of the past by age 5.

Myth #6: A child who can climb out of a crib is ready for a big-kid bed. Not necessarily. "Moving to a bed before age 2 doesn't solve sleep problems, it only makes them worse," says West. "At this age, children are too young to understand why they need to stay in bed." She recommends keeping toddlers in the crib and using a crib tent, if necessary, to prevent them from pulling a Houdini.

Myth #7: Some children are bad sleepers. All children can be taught to be good sleepers, says LoFrumento. "If a child is older, it may take longer, it might take more effort, but every child is able to learn how to fall asleep well on his own."



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yes! yes!
Yes! Yes! Akhirnya berhasil juga… mulai kemaren kenneth tidurnya udah nggak gue gendong atau ayun lagi, tapi cukup gue taroh di boks trus gue pegangin kedua tangannya sambil elus2 dahinya. Trus hari ini lebih gampang lagi… tinggal taroh, kasi empeng.. jepitin guling di kakinya… udah.. bobo sendiri… horeeee….. mudah2an begini terus niy… tapi untuk tidur sore hari tetep susah niy… kudu pake acara nangis2 dulu…  mudah2an ntar sore nggak sampe jerit2an deh… ato lebih bagus lagi kalo tidurnya bablas sampe malam :p. Dia mulai bobo jam 15.30 siy… rasanya siy nggak mungkin karena masih terlalu awal… tapi siapa tau? Namanya juga berharap hehehe…

Tadi pagi dia gue kasi pepaya lagi, kemaren waktu pepayanya gue campur ama susu dilepehin mulu ama dia… tapi hari ini gue nggak campur apa2… dilahap dengan rakus ama dia ampe habis 100 ml. Gue kalo kasi buah tuh bentuknya krim kental gitu.. nggak bentuk cair, karena kalo bentuk cair diminumin pake dot, lubang dotnya sumbat mulu… kalo disendokin si kennethnya nggak gitu suka kalo terlalu cair, jadinya gue kasi bentuk krim dia demen banget… yaa kaya pure keluaran gerber itulah kekentalannya..

Trus siangnya gue kasi sisa pepaya lagi, berhubung sisa 40 ml aja dan dia sepertinya masih minta tapi pepayanya udah nggak ada .. akhirnya gue kasi sereal beras 2 sendok dicampur ama susu… huhuhu dilepehin mulu ama dia… mungkin karena ada susunya ‘kali ya… kapok dah gue nyampur makanan ama susu…. Padahal harusnya kan dia banyak makan bubur susu ya? Tapi nggak bisa niy karena kalo ada bau susunya, langsung ditolak ama dia… jadinya gue lebih sering campur buahnya dengan cereal beras. So far siy dia udah makan pepaya, pisang, pir dan jeruk. Kemaren gue udah beku-in labu kuning.. tapi belum gue kasi’in.. trus nanti gue mau kenalin wortel juga… kalo banyak makanan yg dia udah coba, kan gue lebih enak mix n match nya biar ada variasi…

Oya, kenneth kan ilerannya parah banget. So, minggu kemaren abis jenguk wenta kita singgah ke lucky nyari duren… soalnya waktu hamil dulu gue pengen duren nggak dikasi ama jeff akhirnya kenneth ileran deh. Di lucky gue liat ada tepung beras merah keluaran s’pore.. sekalian deh gue beli, tapi sampe hari ini belum gue kasi ke kenneth siy karena tepung beras merahnya masih banyak. Pulangnya kenneth gue kasi sedikit durennya, tapi sepertinya nggak efek tuh.. tetep aja banyak ilerannya… parah deh… mesti gimana ya biar ilang??


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006,7:32:00 PM
Mulai badung
Senin akhirnya ke RS sakit lagi, trus diliat ama pak dokter ternyata kudu ulang lagi vaksin BCG-nya.. kasian deh si kenneth... waktu disuntik dia langsung nangis kenceng... tapi begitu selese langsung diem siy....

Malamnya dia jadi rewel banget... nangis2 mulu, akhirnya gue kasi diaper trus gue taroh di tengah2 tempat tidur... karena kalo dia kebangun maunya digendong, nggak bisa ditenangin dengan tepukan di punggung... huhuhu capekkk bo'

Besoknya dia bangun jam 6, udah agak mendingan... ketawa2 n maen ama daddynya. Begitu si jeff berangkat kantor dia langsung ngoceh2... nggak mau dicuekin ama gue, tapi berhubung gue sangat amat mengantuk.. gue bilang aja... sabar ya nak... mommy masih ngantuk niy... ujung2nya jam 7 gue baru bisa bangun :D. Trus gue kasi dia minum susu abis 90 cc... Berhubung stok pir udah habis, maka gue ke bawah buat juice .. n karena dia belum mau tidur, jadi dia gue bawa turun trus gue taroh di sofa bawah yg dudukannya bisa dilipat jadi kasur. Setelah selesai ngejuice, gue ke atas lagi buat kasi dia makan pepaya... hari ini gue kasi 2 potong.. ternyata habis semua, trus gue kasi rice cereal 3 sendok, habis juga.. laper kali dia... :)

Setelah itu gue mandiin... sekarang mandiin dia butuh perjuangan niy.. soalnya dia udah mulai aktif... bergerak ke sana sini... susah deh... kadang kalo disabunin dia balik2in badannya.. kadang ngangkat2 kaki... kadang tangan yg udah gue sabunin di masukin ke mulut ama dia... hu susah deh... abis itu kalo masuk bak... kaki ditepak2 sampe air mercik kemana2.. kalo diangkat, tangannya megang tepi bak kenceng2... kayanya masih pengen mandi gituu...

Badungnya mulai keliatan niy... tadi pagi kan dia gue taroh di sofa hijau khusus buat nyabunin dia sebelum masuk bak... eh.. ketika gue tinggal bentar dia udah muter2 ke ujung hampir jatoh.. gue langsung terbirit2 ke sana dengan tampang shock.. ehh ngeliat gue begitu dia langsung ketawa2.... ketawanya badung lagi... :D

Abis mandi dia gue bobo-in... nangis dikit.. gue biarin aja karena emang lagi gue tatar ulang. Masuk hari ini udah rada mendingan siy.. nggak sampe lama nangisnya.. trus dia tidurnya juga udah lebih lama, mungkin karena kemaren bobonya kurang 'kali yaa...

Oya, kemaren dikasi resep obat brentan ama dokter karena di testikelnya ada bercak merah gitu... kenneth kan hidrocel, jadi kalo lagi panas bisa ngembang jadi gede banget.. trus kalo lagi dingin misalnya dimandiin... nguncup jadi kecilll banget hehehe... tapi burungnya siy tetep gede :D... sayang belum pernah dapet fotonya yg lagi bangun huehehe... yg kentara sekali siy kepala glans-nya itu kekerrr benerrr... apalagi kalo lagi pipis keliatnya perkasa sekaliii hehehe :D


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Monday, September 25, 2006,3:19:00 PM
BCG gagal

Sabtu ke RS buat liatin ke dokter kenapa BCG kemaren nggak ada scarnya... hu sebel deh... terpaksa keluar uang ekstra lagi buat tes mantoux.. untung sering baca2 milis dan ada buku panduan imunisasi dari nakita jadinya gue tau mengenai hal ini. Kalo nggak dokternya diam aja... ketika gue tanya mesti tes nggak, katanya nggak perlu... trus gue cecar lagi baru deh dia bilang tes.. dodol... Jadinya senin gue mesti ke sana lagi... rasanya keluar duit yg nggak semestinya deh... :(

Abis itu ke cinere mall... sebelahan siy ama RSnya jadi sekalian aja. Ternyata di gramed lagi ada disc 10% buat buku2 balita dan anak2.... lumayan dapet 4 macem buku buat enneth...

Minggu sorenya kita ke RS Pondok Indah, besuk wenta anak sk yg baru lahiran... congrat deh buat wenta dan richard yg dah dapet baby boy jason richye, sayang gue nggak sempet liat... ntar posting2 fotonya di blog ya wen.... Di sana ketemu ama ratna dan sonfry dengan sassy-nya yg putih (yaa nyak babenya putih, masa anaknya item hehehe...).. tuh anak lincah bener.. seneng maen.. kalo gede sepertinya bakal talkative n supel... Trus ada RSD ama Andy juga... hehehe semoga cepet nyusul yaaa...

Abis itu ke sunter... diajak makan ke gading ama cici, jadinya pulang rada malem deh... lagi makan si kenneth nangis2.... soalnya tidurnya keputus2 terus dari sore.. jadinya dia udah ngantuk banget. Terpaksa makan buru2 trus cepet2 cabut dah...

2 hari ini mulai natar enneth niy... abis capek juga gue nggak sanggup kalo ngayun terus..


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Update cerita kemaren
Tadi sore mbak rima ngobrol ama satpam yg sering jaga di blok rumah gue, dia bilang kalo di rumah sebelah ada penunggunya. Trus satpamnya balik nanya, emangnya nggak ada yg tinggal di situ? Dijawab ama mbak rima kalo udah 2 bulan nggak ada yg tinggal di situ.. satpamnya langsung kaget, karena kalo ronda malam dia suka liat ada cewe di depan rumah itu :o

Malamnya sekitar jam 9, tuh satpam balik lagi sambil bawa pak Haji buat liat itu rumah. Konon katanya emang ada yg nungguin… cewe…. :-s, dan emang udah dari dulu ada di situ.. tapi selama ini siy nggak pernah ngunjukin diri… baru2 ini aja dia ngasi penampakan. Usut punya usut ternyata gara2nya sekitar seminggu yg lalu, sopir di salah satu rumah di blok ini ada yg lompat pagar ngambil ikan yg ada di kolam depan rumah tersebut. Dia ngambil 3 ekor ikan mas yg lumayan gede, nah katanya ikan2 ini dipelihara ama cewe ini… (lah.. nggak ada yg kasi makan tapi ikannya gede2….. 8-| . Ketika ditanya ikannya masih ada nggak? Kalo ada disuruh balikin aja.. hehehe ternyata udah digoreng ama tuh sopir…. Dibilangin seperti itu ama pak Haji, tuh sopir langsung buru2 pulang ketakutan :D

Trus tadi sore… tau2 ada satu batang hio yg dibakar di depan rumah gue. Biasanya kalo ada bokap gue kan dia yg tiap hari sembahyang, dan emang ditancap di salah satu pilar yg ada di depan rumah. Nah… bokap gue kan masih di sunter, so… nggak mungkin ada yg nyalain hio dong? Tapi katanya waktu dia liat tadi sore… ada sisa abunya, makanya dia tanya gue apakah gue bakar hio..? kurang yakin gue turun ke bawah buat liat, ternyata emang ada…. Ya sutralah… gue siy bereaksi biasa2 aja… just in case itu kerjaan dia buat nakut2in gue… dibilang takut siy nggak juga ya… gue biasa2 aja, cuman kadang2 aja kalo lagi kelintas sedikit ada perasaan nggak enak… yg penting siy nggak usah terlalu dipikirin itu aja…. Kalo kepikiran yaaa… jeleklah akibatnya hehehe….

Dengan adanya kejadian ini, gue nggak pernah maksa kenneth tidur sendiri lagi… kalo dia emang susah bobo, gue tidurin pake cukin… kasian dianya kalo nggak tidur2…. Sekarang dia sama sekali nggak mau tidur di boks dia… sampe nangis2 histeris kalo gue taroh di situ… tapi kadang kalo gue tungguin di situ dia mau siy, tapi nggak bertahan lama… pasti nantinya dia bakal rewel minta digendong… matanya ngeliat ke atas terus….

Tadi sore dia makan lumayan banyak… gue campur 2 sendok cereal (sendok takar S26) dengan 2 buah puree pir yg udah gue bekuin, abis semua ama dia… trus gue campur lagi 1 sendok cereal ama bubur beras merah.. abis juga, akhirnya semua bubur beras merah gue kasi ke dia…habis juga!... sepertinya lagi lapar…. Sekarang gue emang campur2 makanan dia, jadi untuk pengencer cerealnya gue pake pure buah… kadang2 tajin beras merah… sepertinya dia paling suka kalo dicampur ama pir… juice heinz yg kemaren gue beli, waktu dikasi pake botol dia nggak mau nyedot… tapi begitu gue sendokin dia julurin lidahnya terus.. sampe miring2in badan buat minta lagi :) berhubung harus habis dalam 48 jam, akhirnya gue campur ama cerealnya…. Sebenarnya untuk ukuran baby 4 bulanan gitu berapa banyak ya makanan yg padat yg diberikan ke baby?


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006,7:31:00 PM
pegang botol sendiri

Latihan megang sendiri botolnya... pake air putih biar nggak repot bersihin kalo beleberan kemana2

Paling suka digendong berdiri di depan cermin meja rias gue... itu foto ngambilnya dari pantulan di cermin

daddy nggak pake baju niyyy...

Posternya ada 6 item, belinya di gramedia pondok indah.. murah kok cuman 4 rebu 1 lembarnya... gue tempel di dinding 2 lembar, 4 lembarnya tempel di lemari karena itu lokasi yg paling sering diliat kenneth

Kalo lagi ditengkurapin ilernya langsung ngeces2..... kaya air ujan nggak kebendung...


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Tadi sore jam 3 mbak Rima nanya gue, apakah tadi gue ada turun bawah buat makan lagi. Gue bilang.. nggak tuhh…. boro2 mau turun bawah, buat mandi aja susah karena kenneth ngga mau ditinggal sendiri. Trus dia bilang, tadi pagi waktu ngambilin nasi buat gue bekas ambilannya nggak sebanyak itu… karena dia ngambil yg bagian atas aja, sedangkan tadi sore nasinya udah keambil sampai ke bawah.

Dari situ dia jadi cerita kalo pembokat yg nomor 20 suka denger suara orang nyapu dan jalan di rumah sebelah. Rumah gue kan nomor 22, nah nomor 23 ama nomor 21 tuh pada kosong. Yg bikin horror adalah rumah nomor 21.. pembantu yg nomor 20 kan sebelahan juga ama rumah itu…. dia yg cerita ke mbak rima. Awalnya dia nggak percaya, tapi kemaren waktu mereka lagi duduk2 (emang niy pembantu pada nggak ada kerjaan) di depan rumah kosong ini (karena depannya ada pohon ‘kali yaa jadi lebih enak), mereka liat di teras depannya ada bayangan item gede yg lagi jalan ngelintas sekilas… langsung pada ngacirr seketika…..

Gue mau bilang dia ngarang buat nakut2in gue kayanya nggak mungkin karena dia sampe merinding ceritanya, nggak mungkin dong dia bisa pura2 merinding. Makanya gue heran beberapa hari ini gue perhatiin dia kalo tidur siang suka di depan gitu.. awalnya gue pikir karena lebih adem karena ada udara yg masuk, rupanya karena takut. Tiap malam katanya kalo tidur dia nutup full body sampe ke muka2nya juga ditutup saking takutnya. Kamar dia kan terletak di lorong persis sebelahan ama rumah kosong itu, dan dia cuman sendirian di bawah , kamar yg depan kosong.

Selama ini siy gue suka denger suara2 juga di rumah sebelah, tapi gue pikir emang engkonya lagi pulang.. kadang suara kran air di kamar mandi… kadang suara dehem2.. kadang kaya orang ngetok2… malahan kadang dalam hati gue suka kesel karena ngetok2nya nggak kenal waktu .. biasanya udah tengah malam gituuu… penghuni di rumah sebelah itu kayanya berantem suami istri… sepertinya mau cerai atau apa gitu.. jadinya rumahnya mau dijual… kira2 3 bulan inilah nggak ada penghuninya… tapi kadang2 ada yg pulang ke rumahnya gitu, jadi nggak kosong melulu (itu anggapan gue)… ternyata kata mbak rima udah 2 bulan tuh nggak pernah ada yg pulang ke rumah tersebut!! Jadi selama ini suara apaan tuh yang gue denger ???&^%^$

Udah gitu… seminggu ini kenneth penakutnya minta ampunnn…. Seperti yg pernah gue post sebelumnya, dia sepertinya merasa nggak aman di boxnya gituu… mesti ada gue… kalo ditinggal nangisnya minta ampunnn kaya orang ketakutan banget gitu. Terakhir hari sabtu, jeff kan mandi… selese dia mandi giliran gue… nah pas gue lagi mandi dia gendong kenneth ke kamar mandi… ehh begitu ngeliat gue.. yg naked trus rambutnya rada panjang menjurai ke bawah karena basah kesiram air, dia langsung menjerit histeris ketakutan…. Waktu itu gue pikir karena tampang gue yg nggak biasa maka dia jadi begitu, sekarang gue jadi mikir niiyy hmmm…. Apa karena itu?

Ketakutan kenneth tuh terutama menjadi2 kalo udah masuk sore hari, pokoknya kalo dia belum tidur nggak boleh ditinggal deh. Makanya kalo dia udah bobo rada sore, gue lega-an dikit dah. Sebelum2nya dia nggak sampe gitu tuh… makanya gue rada heran juga…

Dodol deh .. gara2 cerita ini gue jadi sedikit berhalusinasi … kebetulan kamar mandi gue yg sekarang kan gambar depannya air terjun dengan batu2 di kiri kanannya, nah…batu2 ini warnanya item gitu… pintu ini kalo dibuka gambarnya tuh pas banget mantul di cermin atas wastafel… jadinya kalo kita nyuci tangan ato ngapa2in di wastafel sekilas jadinya kita ngeliat bayangan item gitu di belakang :o. selama ini siy gue udah sering banget berasa kalo lagi di kamar mandi gitu… ada bayangan ngelintas gitu… gue siy mikirnya karena bayangan gorden yg melambai ketiup angin ato apalah gitu… kadang saking kentaranya gue pikir mbak rima yg lagi masuk buat jemur baju di teras depan ato ngapainlah… (selama ini itulah yg kepikir ama gue, positif thinking donggg)… tapiii sekarang….. hiiiiii…. Haduhh mendingan gue nggak denger apa2 siy…. Jadi pikiran gue nggak macem2… semprittt…. Dodollll….. mana gue tiap hari sendirian di atas sampai malam lagii… jeff kan pulangnya jam 19.30 ato bahkan kadang2 lebih malam lagi…


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006,12:44:00 PM

Kenneth kalo diunjukin ini, pasti yg pertama ditunjuk adalah semangka dan anjing.. tau deh kenapa?

Lagi dijemur ama daddynya.... kalo gue tiap hari nggak sempet siy... soalnya bangun udah kesiangan, kalo wiken si jeff bela2in jemur biar dahaknya banyak keluar..

Lagi digendong ama ie-ie lily.. di sampingnya ada cece sasha

Hobby baru kenneth sekarang niy... sembur2in bibirnya... kadang sampe hujan lokal nyembur kemana2... lucu seh... kalo lagi minta digendong keluar dah senjata andalannya ini. Soalnya pertama kali dia nyembur2, gue langsung gendong dia karena gue pikir ada udara di perut dia... tapi belakangan gue perhatiin.. tiap gue taroh dia nyembur, tapi begitu digendong langsung diem... makanya gue tau ini cuman cara dia menarik perhatian gue aja

Kenneth lagi diajak main ama oma dan opa. Opa yg gendong, oma yg lambai2in kantong plastik item. hehehe anak gue emang demen maen... kantong plastik item aja bisa bikin dia seneng...

Kalo ditaroh bantal di dada, ntar pasti berubah letak ..kadang ditendang sampe ke bawah, kadang malah jadi di atas kepala


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banana gerber
Hari senin, ketika tiba jam makan pagi si kenneth gue taroh di bantal gede dalam posisi setengah duduk… eh.. dianya udah ngoceh2… sepertinya minta makan.. begitu liat gue megang sendok dia langsung keliatan seneng gitu.. sendok gue sampe direbut ama dia trus dimasukin ke mulut, cepet2 gue ambil lagi karena gagangnya kan panjang tuh.. dan dia kalo masukin barang ke mulut tuh yg modelnya maen colok kenceng2… bahaya kan??

Trus gue hangatin bananas gerber-nya yg sisa separoh, begitu dia liat gue mulai megang makanan ama sendok.. langsung tersenyum deh dia. Waktu gue sendokin, cepet2 ditelan ama dia… sampe2 dia teriak2 minta gue cepet nyendokin lagi, gue kan takut kalo cepet2 dianya kesedak. Wah.. bisa minta makan juga dia hehehe… mungkin karena dia suka ama banananya gerber kali ya… sampe pake acara minta2 segala….

Pagi ini gue kasi yg apple ke dia, sepertinya nggak se-excited kalo dia makan yg banana.. berarti kalo mau beli lagi kudu beli yg banana aja… yg juicenya belum sempet gue cobain karena dia masih banyak makanan baru yg perlu dicoba.. ntar kalo suka gue mau bikin sendiri juicenya yg tanpa serat ini.

Gue heran ya kenapa kenneth pipisnya kenceng banget baunya… sampe2 kamar gue jadi bau pesing. Selama kita di dalam kamar siy nggak berasa bau pesingnya, tapi kalo kita dari luar ruangan trus masuk ke kamar.. langsung deh berasa laen aromanya. Padahal dia kalo habis pipis, celana basahnya langsung cepet2 gue taroh di luar lho. Trus kamar gue juga sering gue buka pintunya, yg depan kan langsung ngadep ke teras sedangkan pintu yg satunya lagi ngadep ruang keluarga, jadi mestinya siy sirkulasi udaranya bagus karena ada angin masuk dan keluarnya, lagian jendelanya ada 4… tapi tetep aja pesing banget. Kemaren malam gue sampe bakar aromatherapi buat ngilangin baunya. Trus pupnya juga kadang bau banget… mungkin karena dia udah makan makanan padat ya jadinya aromanya juga udah beda….

Sekarang dia kalo minum susu nggak mau lho kalo nggak pake air tajin beras merah, biarpun lagi tidur dia bisa membedakan rasanya…


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Sunday, September 17, 2006,9:52:00 AM
mahal nian
Hari sabtu beli makanan kenneth di ranch market, jeff ogah ke PIM takut gue molor ngider sono sini hehehe… Gue beli rice cerealnya… gilee yaaa itu emang tempat belanja orang kaya… masa di rejeki kata jeff cuman 30.700 di situ dijual 49.000??? tapi terpaksa beli karena malas ke sono sini lagi.. lagian yg di rejeki udah kurang bagus kemasannya kata jeff. Trus gue beli makanan jadi gerber yg bananas ama apple, pertamanya siy gue ambil yg carrots ama sweet potatoes juga… tapi gue liat expirednya taon 2007 padahal yg bananas ama apple expirednya sampe 2008… berarti produk itu udah lama dong… jadinya nggak jadi ambil deh. Trus beli produk Heinz yg juice apple ama pear-nya… untungnya di sana juga ada lock&lock, kontainer favorit gue…. jadi sekalian beli deh. Rencananya gue mau taroh puree yg udah gue beku-in ke kontainer2 itu. Abis itu sekalian beli pepaya, pear dan jeruk baby.

Abis belanja di sono langsung ke kondangan anak sk : anie dan thomas. Duh kalo liat pernikahan adat jawa gitu ..gue dah ngebayangin capeknya… hehehe kondenya aja udah ada 1 kg-an ‘kali yaa di kepala…berat euy…. Jalan masuknya juga mesti pelan2…. Hihii gue yg liat aja udah capek apalagi yg ngejalanin ?? :D.. kenneth kenalan dah ama om2 dan tante2 Sk-nya…. Ketemu martha juga yg istrinya dah hamil 8 bulan… gilee nggak berasa yaaa.. perasaan kemaren mereka baru hadiri pesta pernikahan gue, tau2 udah mau lahiran ….. semoga lancar deh…

Minggu paginya… gerber yg banana gue coba kasi’in ke kenneth, gileee demen banget diaaa… itu makanan yg bentuknya pasta lembut semuanya masuk utuh ke mulutnya… nggak ada yg meleber keluar… makannya rapi banget dah… gue kasi hampir separoh dari botolnya.. dia masih mau lagi, tapi nggak gue kasi… takutnya kebanyakan…. Tiap sendoknya gue deketin ke mulutnya dia langsung buka mulutnya dan julurin lidahnya sedikit… gue ama jeff yg ngeliat jadi berasa lucu dan senenggg….  kadang kan kalo makan pear ato pepaya yg gue bikin, walopun mau.. kadang masih suka ada yg dilepehin ama dia… tapi yg gerber ini bener2 dilahap habis semua ama dia… nggak tau siy karena dia suka pisang ato emang bikinannya yg enak….

Siangnya dia gue kasi rice cereal, lumayanlah… nggak ada penolakan walopun nggak selahap waktu dia makan yg gerber pisang itu. Abis itu kita ke rumah mertua gue… pulang dari rumah mertua gue, singgah ke sunter. Kenneth diajak becanda ama cici gue, ketawanya sampe gede banget… nggak tau kenapa dia seperti seneng ama cici gue hehehe…. Sampe2 dio jadi jealous, kalo shania beda lagi… begitu liat mak-nya gendong kenneth..dia langsung ngambil permen.. trus dikasi ke kenneth.. ama kenneth itu permen diambil trus mau masuk mulut hahaha… cepet2 diambil lagi ama cici gue…. Kata cici gue makin gede kenneth makin ganteng … hehehe sebagai emaknya gue tentu seneng dengernya…. :p


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Botak lagii


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Homemade Baby Food
Kemaren gue praktekin niy tipsnya... gue kukus 1 butir pir korea, trus diblender dan gue beku-in di freezer... tiap mau pake tinggal ambil , trus gue taroh di bagian bawah.... setelah mencair gue tinggal hangatin di penghangat susu.

Kenneth setiap makan, gue kasi 2 potong (1 potong kira2 20ml)... keliatannya dia suka ama pir, apalagi semenjak gue kukus dulu pirnya jadi lebih wangi aromanya. Gue kasi pagi ama sore... tadi pagi sepertinya dia masih mau tapi pirnya udah habis, jadi sore ini mau gue tambah jadi 3 potong ahh... soalnya minum susunya masih sedikit...

Homemade Baby Food
The BIG secret: It takes less than 30 minutes per week
By Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Making baby food can be healthier for your baby, and offers your baby an introduction to foods rich in variety, flavor, color, taste and smell. All of your friends (and your mother-in-law) will think you are a super parent for making your baby's food. The big secret -- it is super easy and takes less than 30 minutes per week.

A common approach to making baby food is called the "ice cube tray" method. The concept is simple: make large quantities of basic food purees using a standard blender or food processor and freeze it in single servings (1 ounce) in ice cube trays. With this method, you only need to make baby food once, maybe twice, per week. Over time you build up a large variety of single-serving baby food cubes in the freezer.

Here are the four basic steps of making baby food with the ice cube tray method:
Step 1: Prep – Depending on the type of baby food you are preparing, you will need to wash, chop and peel the fruits and vegetables. You should not use detergent or bleach when washing fruits and vegetables because these chemicals can leave a residue that will be absorbed by porous food like produce. If you are using frozen produce, simply open the package.

Step 2: Cook - Cook the food in the microwave or use a stovetop method of steaming. We prefer microwave cooking for several reasons: saves time because foods cook faster; retains more nutrients than other cooking methods; and it is easier clean up. If you prefer the stovetop method of cooking foods, you must use a steamer basket. DO NOT boil food, boiling food reduces nutrient content. Foods must be cooked well. They are done when the can be pierced or mashed easily with a fork.
Step 3: Puree - Pour the food and cooking juices into a food processor or a blender and puree. Food consistency is created during this step. You want your baby to have food that is soft and velvety in texture. You may need to add water to some foods to get the right consistency. Although water will slightly dilute the food's nutritional value, the difference is not significant enough to worry about.

Step 4: Freeze - Pour the food puree into ice cube trays. Cover and place them in the freezer for eight to 10 hours or overnight. Pop the baby food cubes from the freezer trays. Place the cubes in a freezer storage bags or stackable containers (Label the bag/containers with the date and the type of food), and return them immediately to the freezer. Baby food cubes stay fresh for up to two months.

Sample Recipe: Apple Puree
6 medium golden delicious apples

Step 1: Prep - Wash, peel, core and cut apples into one-inch (3 cm) slices.

Step 2: Cook - Place apples in a microwave safe dish. Cover. Cook 5 minutes and let stand for 5 minutes. Cook an additional 5 minutes. The apples are done when they can be pierced easily with a fork.

Step 3: Puree - Place apples and cooking juices into a blender or a food processor. Puree to a smooth texture.

Step 4: Freeze - Spoon into So Easy Baby Food Trays or ice cube trays. Cover. Place in freezer eight to 10 hours or overnight. Remove cubes from trays, place in storage container or freezer bag, and return immediately to the freezer.

Makes 24 1-ounce servings. Stays fresh for two months in the freezer.
To serve, select frozen apple cubes from the freezer, defrost and warm, check the temperature and feed.

Age to introduce: About 6 months

Serving Homemade Baby Food
Using the ice cube tray method of making baby food makes it is easy to create a large variety of food cubes in your freezer. When it is time for feeding, simply select the food cubes from the freezer, thaw them and feed them to your baby. You may want to warm the food first. Baby food can be served cold, at room temperature or slightly warm. Never serve hot food to your baby, and always check the temperature of food or drinks before feeding them to your baby.

Baby food should have soft, velvety consistency. If you are just starting solids, thinner food is better than thicker food. If you defrost the food and see that it is too thick, you can easily thin it by adding some breast milk or formula. This also adds a little extra nutrition too. If the opposite happens, and the food is too thin, you can easily thicken the food by adding a little baby cereal, mashed banana or plain yogurt.

After your baby has been introduced to a variety of single flavor foods and he is a little older, you can begin making meal time more interesting and introduce your baby to array of tastes, by combining different foods to create medleys.

Here are some examples of foods cubes that taste great together:
• Green peas and sweet potatoes
• Green beans and white potatoes
• Broccoli, cauliflower and melted cheese
• Butternut squash, corn and mashed tofu
• Peaches, pears and rice cereal
• Mango, Papaya and banana
• Raspberries, apples, yogurt and ground walnuts


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Kemaren jeff liat di toko lucky, rice cerealnya katanya udah rada jelek kemasannya.. jadinya nggak jadi beli deh. Wiken ini gue mau cari sendiri deh... mungkin ke sogo 'kali yaa....

Gue udah join ke funky mom, tapi kok arsip emailnya nggak bisa dibaca ya? lucu juga siy ada milis emailnya nggak diarsip di web... sia2 dong infonya nggak bisa dibaca oleh member yg baru join. Gue liat milisnya juga nggak aktif.. apa gue salah ya?? emang ada berapa milis funky mom itu?? bisa kasi address lengkapnya nggak??


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Pencuri waktu
Salah satu kisah nyata dari buku secret of the baby whisperer for toddlers. Ketika gue baca sampe bagian ini… gue jadi ngakak sendiri… bener2 lucu… jeff gue suruh baca juga jadi ngakak banget… coba deh baca…

Ini cerita tentang Neil anak pasangan Mallory dan Ivan. Mallory menjelaskan bahwa di rumah mereka, ritual tidur neil dimulai jam 19.30 dengan acara mandi, yg dia senangi. “masalahnya,”Mallory memulai,”kami kesulitan mengeluarkannya dari bak mandi. Saya memperingatkannya dua atau tiga kali dengan berkata,”baiklah neil, mandi sudah hampir selesai.”

“Tetapi ketika dia merengek,saya mengalah :”Baiklah…lima menit lagi.” Lima menit berlalu, saya mengingatkannya,”Neil , sekarang keluarlah.” Dia terus rewel dan merengek, dan saya kembali mengalah seraya berkata, “Baiklah, tapi ini yg terakhir. Selesaikan memencet botol air dan bermain bebek, agar kamu bisa keluar dari bak dan siap tidur.”

“Setelah lima menit, akhirnya saya memutuskan :”Baiklah, selesai sudah.” Saya berkata tegas. “Keluar dari bak sekarang.” Pada saat itu dia memutuskan menjauhi saya dan saya kesulitan menangkap tubuhnya yg licin. “Ayo ke sini Neil,” desak saya. Dia seperti mengunci tubuhnya, menendang, mengeliat-geliat, dan protes,”tidak! tidak! tidak!”

“Dia melepaskan diri dari gendongan saya, basah kuyup, dan berlari ke kamarnya. Saya mengikuti jejak kaki basahnya di karpet, terengah-engah mengejarnya, menangkapnya, mengeringkannya, dan berjuang mengenakan pakaian tidurnya. Saya mulai memohon,”Ayo ke sini… tolong pakai piyamamu…sini ibu pakaikan bajumu.”

“Akhirnya saya berhasil memasukkan piyama ke kepalanya, dan dia mulai menjerit,”aduh, aduh!”

“Saya merasa tidak enak. “Oh, kasihan Neil,”gumam saya. “Ibu tidak bermaksud menyakitimu. Apa kamu baik2 saja?”

Pada saat ini dia malah tertawa, jadi saya melanjutkan pekerjaan saya. “Baiklah, saatnya naik ke tempat tidur. Karena kamu mandi terlalu lama, maka malam ini kita hanya punya waktu untuk membaca satu cerita. Pilihlah buku yg kamu inginkan. “Neil pergi ke rak buku. “Kamu ingin yg itu?” saya bertanya sambil menarik beberapa buku dari rak dan menurunkannya ke lantai. “Bukan? Yang ini? Oh, yang itu.” Saya pikir lebih baik saya tak mengacuhkan buku yg berantakan di lantai, meskipun saya merasa terganggu, karena saya akan perlu waktu setengah jam untuk membuatnya mau membereskan ruangan, dan harus diakui sayalah yg lebih banyak membereskan kamarnya daripada dia sendiri.

“Tetapi minimal hari ini akan segera berakhir. Dengan buku di tangan, saya berkata padanya, “Baiklah, naiklah ke ranjang besarmu.” Dia masuk ke bawah selimut. Saya sedikit memeluknya dan mulai membaca untuknya, tetapi dia masih sangat aktif dan tidak mau bekerjasama, membalik halaman buku bahkan sebelum saya selesai membacanya. Tiba-tiba dia bangun, berdiri di tempat tidur, berusaha merebut buku dari tangan saya. “Berbaringlah, Neil, kata saya, “Ini jam tidur.”

“Akhirnya dia berbaring, tampaknya agak melunak, saya mulai menarik nafas lega. Saya berkata pada diri sendiri, mungkin malam ini akan lebih mudah, tetapi sejenak kemudian matanya membuka, dan dia berkata keras,”aku mau minum.” Rasanya tidak mungkin lebih mudah deh, kata suara dalam diri saya.

“Baiklah, ibu akan mengambilkan air untukmu,”saya menawarkan diri, tetapi begitu saya hendak meninggalkan kamarnya, dia menjerit. Saya mengenal jeritan itu : jangan tinggalkan aku. “Baiklah, kamu boleh ikut,”kata saya mengalah karena tahu jika saya tidak membiarkannya ikut, perang dunia ketiga akan pecah. Saya menggendongnya turun ke ruang bawah. Dia minum beberapa teguk kecil – dia tidak sungguh2 haus (tidak pernah!), lalu kami balik ke atas. Ketika saya membaringkannya di tempat tidur, pandangannya menangkap sesuatu, dan dia duduk, berusaha keluar dari tempat tidur.

“Pada saat itu saya sudah tidak tahan. Saya meletakkan tangan di pundaknya dan meninggikan suara,”Kembali ke tempat tidur , sekarang, anak muda. Jangan sampai ibu mengatakannya lagi. Ini sudah malam dan kamu harus tidur.” Saya mematikan lampu, tetapi dia menangis dan memegangi saya kuat2.

“Saya tidak sanggup menghadapinya. “Baiklah,”kata saya kesal,”ibu akan menyalakan lampu. Kamu ingin cerita lain? Tapi ini yg terakhir ya. Berbaringlah, dan ibu akan membaca.” Pada saat ini, apapun yg saya katakan seolah tidak ada gunanya. Dia berdiri di sana, kaku seperti papan, air mata mengalir di pipinya. Dia tidak bergerak. “Berbaringlah, Neil,” saya mengulangi. “Tolong. Ibu tidak akan mengatakannya sekali lagi.” Saya bertahan.

“Dia tidak mau bergerak. Kemudian saya mencoba mengalihkan perhatiannya : “ini, kata saya sambil menjulurkan buku padanya. “Bantu ibu membuka halamannya. “Tidak terjadi apa-apa. Sekarang saya mengancam, “Baiklah, Neil, berbaringlah atau ibu akan pergi. Ibu serius – Ibu akan pergi ke luar. Jika kamu tidak mau berbaring, ibu tidak akan membacakan cerita.” Akhirnya ia berbaring.

“Saya membaca sebentar dan saya melihat dia mulai tertidur, jadi saya bergerak dengan sangat hati2 agar tidak mengganggunya. Tetapi matanya tiba2 membuka. “tidak apa-apa, ibu di sini,”kata saya menyakinkannya.

“Ketika akhirnya dia menutup mata lagi, saya menunggu beberapa menit dan dengan sangat hati2 menurunkan satu kaki ke lantai. Saya menahan nafas. Dia mengeratkan pegangannya pada tangan saya. Jadi saya berbaring di sana, tidak bergerak sedikitpun, menunggu beberapa menit lagi. Kemudian saya berusaha meluncur turun dari tempat tidur. Saya hampir berhasil ketika tiba2 Neil membuka matanya. Saya setengah menggantung di tempat tidur. Saya berkata pada diri sendiri, satu gerakan salah, maka saya akan terjatuh ke lantai dan semuanya akan berakhir. Tetapi dia tenang kembali. Saya menunggu. Pada saat ini kaki saya sudah kebal dan tangan saya kejang.

“Akhirnya saya bergulir ke lantai, merangkak menuju pintu. Berhasil! Pelan-pelan saya membuka pintu…. Dan sungguh mengerikan, pintu itu berderit. Oh, tidak! Benar juga, saya mendengar suara kecil di sini lain kamar : “jangan ibu, jangan pergi tidur!”

“Saya meringis. Ibu di sini, sayang. Ibu tidak pergi kemana2.” Tetapi kata2 saya hanya terbawa angin. Neil mulai menangis. Jadi saya kembali lagi ke tempat tidurnya dan berusaha membujuknya. Dia ingin saya membacakan cerita lain. Saya rasanya ingin meninju atau mencekiknya, tetapi saya membaca cerita lagi…”

Suara Mallory menghilang. Ia malu mengakui bahwa prosesnya dimulai kembali dari awal. Neil tidak tidur sampai jam 23.00, pada saat mana Mallory diam2 kembali merangkak ke luar kamar. “Saya naik ke tempat tidur, kelelahan setiap malam,”katanya, “dan saya berpaling ke Ivan yg sedang menonton telivisi atau membaca, jelas tidak menyadari bahwa saya baru saja ditawan selama 3 jam oleh anak kami. Ketika saya berkata,”lagi-lagi malam neraka”, ia tampak bingung. Ia berkata,”saya kira kamu ada di ruang kerja, mengurus tagihan atau mengerjakan yg lain.” Saya memberitahukan padanya, dengan suara mengandung dendam,”baik, besok malam giliranmu.”

Gue mulai merasa kenneth sudah sedikit seperti si Neil ini. Sekarang dia kalo tidur mesti gue temani… heran.. kenapa bisa begini. Tadi gue taroh dia di tempat tidur gue dia diem aja…. Gue pikir tidur, tapi ketika mbak Rima masuk kamar buat naroh baju yg udah disetrika dia bilang dia nggak tidur tapi mainan ama guling yg gue taroh di kiri kanan dia. Ya udah gue biarin… eh.. tadi dia ngeluarin suara manggil, suaranya siy udah gue kenal yaitu kalo celananya basah. Ya ampunnn… posisi awal gue naroh dia tuh vertikal seperti kalo gue lagi tidur, kiri kanannya gue kasi guling… tapi ketika gue masuk kamar.. udah jadi horisontal dan larinya jauh banget… dari posisi agak ke bawah tempat tidur jadi di atas kepala tempat tidur dan melintang lagiiii. Untung nggak jatoh. Ngeliat gitu.. akhirnya gue bawa aja dia keluar duduk di kursi getarnya, trus gue setelin baby einstein sementara gue lagi ngetik. Terakhir dia tidur tuh jam 8 pagi.. dan sekarang udah hampir jam 1 siang dia masih nggak tidur2 juga. Udah mulai bosen siy ama tontonannya…. Bentar lagi deh gue coba bobo-in lagi. Duhh kalo gini terus siy gue jadi susah ngapa2in…. 


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006,2:09:00 PM
Guide to Starting Solids
Starting your baby on solid foods is the beginning of lifelong eating habits that contribute to his or her overall health. For this reason we have some general guidelines that can help you start your baby out on the right track to a healthy life.

Breast milk or infant formula supplies all of your baby's nutritional needs for at least the first 4 to 6 months of life, so don't be in a rush to start solid baby foods. Starting solids too early can cause your baby to develop food allergies. Your baby's intestinal tract is not as fully developed during the first few months and introducing solids at this time can be too much to handle
Another reason for not giving solid foods earlier than 4 to 6 months is unintentional overfeeding, since younger babies can not offer you signals when they are full, such as turning away or showing disinterest.
A third reason for holding off on solids is your baby's inability to swallow solids correctly before 4 to 6 months of age and this can potentially cause choking. And contrary to the popular myth, starting solids early will not help your child to sleep through the night.

When offering a new type of food, always feed it for several days in a row before starting another new food. This makes it easier to detect food allergies, which can present with diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, hives or a rash. Do not offer mixed ingredient foods until you are sure that the baby isn't allergic to any of the individual ingredients. Also, don't add any seasonings to your baby's foods.
Other practices to avoid are putting your baby down for a nap or sleep with a bottle of formula or juice, as this allows sugar to pool in your baby's mouth and can lead to cavities. Don't feed your baby cow's milk, honey or egg whites until your baby is at least one year of age. Also, do not give carbonated or caffeinated drinks, candy or other foods that your baby may choke on.
Remember, these are general guidelines and the amount and types of food that your baby eats may vary from day to day

Food Allergies

Preventing food allergies may be possible, especially if your child is at high risk of having a food allergy, including already having an allergy to aother food or formula, having other family members with food allergies, or having other 'allergic' type conditions or family members with these conditions, such as eczema, allergic rhinitis (hayfever) and/or asthma.

Most importantly, breastfeed and avoid supplementing with infant formula or offering solids for at least the first six months of your child's life. If you are not breastfeeding or need to supplement, then consider using a hypoallergenic infant formula such as Nutramigen or Alimentum (soy formulas and goat's milk may not be good alternatives, because many infants that are allergic to cow's milk may also be allergic to soy). If you are breastfeeding, then you should avoid peanuts and tree nuts in your own diet, and consider avoiding milk, fish and eggs too (discuss this with your doctor, as avoiding too many foods may cause poor nutrition).
If your child is at high risk of having food allergies, you should also delay offering solids until he is at least six months old (and continue breastfeeding), and begin with an iron fortified infant cereal. It is best to start with rice and oat cereals and introduce wheat cereals later. Next you can introduce vegetables, but avoid legumes (foods in the bean and pea family) at first, and then non-citrus fruits and fruit juices. Meat and protein foods can be added once your child is 8-9 months old.

Foods to avoid until your infant is at least a year old include cow's milk, citrus fruits and juices, and wheat and egg whites until he is two. Also, avoid giving peanuts (as smooth peanut butter), fish and shellfish until your child is at least three years old. Whole peanuts and tree nuts should be avoided until your child is four because of the choke hazard.

When you do introduce new foods, do so slowly and only give one new food every four to five days. This way, if your child does have a reaction or allergy, then you will know which food caused it and you will be able to avoid giving it again.

Four to Five Months
At this age, breast milk or formula is the only food that your baby needs and he should be taking 4-6 feedings each day (24-32 ounces), but you can start to familiarize your baby with the feel of a spoon and introduce solid foods. Cereal is the first solid you should give your baby and you can mix it with breast milk, formula or water and feed it to your baby with a spoon (not in a bottle). Start by feeding one tablespoon of an iron-fortified Rice cereal at one feeding and then slowly increase the amount to 3-4 tablespoons one or two times each day.

Six to Seven Months
While continuing to give 4-5 feedings of breast milk or formula (24-32 ounces) and 4 or more tablespoons of cereal each day, you can now start to give well-cooked, strained, or mashed vegetables or commercially prepared baby foods. Start with one tablespoon of a mild tasting vegetable, such as green beans, peas, squash or carrots and gradually increase to 4-5 tablespoons one or two times each day.
Start fruits about a month after starting vegetables and again, gradually increase to 4-5 tablespoons one or two times each day. You can use peeled, cooked, or canned fruits (but only those packed in light syrup or water) that have been blenderized or strained

You can also begin to offer 2-4 ounces of 100% fruit juices. Start by mixing one part juice with two parts of water and offer it in a cup.

Eight to Nine Months
While continuing to give 3-4 feedings of breast milk or formula (24-32 ounces) and 4 or more tablespoons of cereal, vegetables and fruit one or two times each day, you can now start to give more protein containing foods. These include well-cooked, strained or ground plain meats (chicken, beef, turkey, veal, lamb, boneless fish, or liver), mild cheese, peanutbutter (this is controversial though), or egg yolks (no egg whites as there is a high chance of allergic reactions in infants less than 12 months old). If using commercially prepared jars of baby food, do not use vegetables with meat as they have little meat and less protein and iron than jars with plain meat.

Start with 1-2 tablespoons and increase to 3-4 tablespoons once each day. If your baby doesn't seem to like to eat plain meat, then you can mix it with a vegetable that they already like as you offer it.
You can also start to offer soft table foods and finger foods at this age. Give soft, bite-size pieces of food, such as soft fruit and vegetable pieces, pastas, graham or saltine crackers, and dry cheerios, but do not give these foods if the child is going to be unattended in case of choking.
You can also begin to offer 3-4 ounces of formula or 100% fruit juice in a cup at this time.

Ten to Twelve Months
Your baby's diet will begin to resemble that of the rest of the families, with 3 meals and 2 snacks each day and will include 3-4 feedings of breast milk or formula, iron fortified cereal (1/4 – 1/2 cup at breakfast), vegetables and fruits (1/2 cup/jar at lunch and dinner), protein foods (2-4 tablespoons each day), 100% fruit juice (2-6 ounces in a cup each day), and some finger foods.
It is important to offer a variety of foods to encourage good eating habits later.

There is no set age at which you should wean your baby. The current recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics is to continue to breast feed until your child is at least age one. It is also an age when most children can successfully drink from a cup and is therefore a good time to wean. You can gradually wean your child from breast feeding by stopping one feeding every four or five days and then gradually reducing the amount of nursing when you are down to one feeding each day.
If you wean before the age of one, then you should introduce an infant formula and not cow's milk.

Twelve Months and Beyond
You may now give your baby homogenized whole cow's milk. Do not use 2%, low fat, or skim milk until your child is 2-3 years old.

If using soy milk after your child is a year old, keep in mind that it is low fat. A toddler soy formula may be a better alternative, or try to make up for the reduced fat intake from milk in other areas of your child's diet.

Your child should now want to feed himself with his fingers and a spoon or fork and should be able to drink out of a cup. The next few months will be time to stop using a bottle. As with weaning from breastfeeding, you can wean from a bottle by stopping one bottle feeding every four or five days and then gradually reducing the amount in the bottle when you are down to one each day.
Remember that your baby's appetite may decrease and become pickier over the next few years as his growth rate slows.

Until your child is at least 4 years old, you should avoid foods that can cause choking, including chewing gum, nuts, raisins, popcorn, chunks of peanut butter, hard candy, or hard, round foods (such as chunks of raw carrots, celery, grapes, or hot dogs).

Large amounts of sweet desserts, soft drinks, fruit-flavored drinks, sugarcoated cereals, chips or candy, should be avoided, as they have little nutritional value.
Also avoid overfeeding. Do not encourage your child to eat after he is full, as this can lead to a habit of overeating.

Following these guidelines will help you give your baby the good nutrition he or she needs to grow up to his or her full potential and a healthy life.

Do use ice cube trays to freeze pur饤 foods. Each cube should be about one ounce. Once frozen, pop out the cubes, store in a sealed plastic bag, and use within two months.

Do discard unfinished meals. Bacteria forms quickly.

Do introduce new foods at the rate of one per week, so you can pinpoint any allergies.

Do make sure your child has accepted most vegetables and fruits before trying any meats.

Do steam or microwave vegetables and fruits to retain as much vitamins and minerals as possible, as opposed to boiling.

Do use as thinners: water left from steaming, breast milk, formula, cow's milk, yogurt, broth, or apple juice.

Do use as thickeners: wheat germ, whole-grain cereal , cottage cheese, farmer cheese, cooked egg yolks, yogurt, mashed white or sweet potato.


Don't feed nuts, raisins, popcorn, raw vegetables, unpeeled fruits, or peanut butter to children under the age of 2.

Don't give honey to children under the age of one year due to potential contraction of infant botulism.

Don't give beets, spinach, collards or turnip greens to babies under one year of age due to high concentrations of naturally-occurring nitrates which can reduce the baby's hemoglobin.

Don't add salt, sugar, or strong spices to homemade baby foods. If you are using part of the family meal for the infant, remove the infant's portion before seasoning food for the family.

Don't use cookies as a pacifier for a fussy baby.

Don't use canned vegetables as they are usually loaded with sodium and additives. Check labels, but usually frozen vegetables have little or no sodium.

Don't use a microwave to warm foods. Even well-stirred foods could have dangerous hot spots. If you do, use the defrost cycle, checking and stirring often. Always test the temperature by touching a spoonful to the outside of your upper lip. Be sure to wash the spoon before using.

Don't put diluted foods into a bottle with a larger hole in the nipple for night feedings. It's dangerous, bad for the teeth, and doesn't build good eating habits.

Don't give highly acidic fruits, such as oranges, tangerines and pineapples, to babies under one year as the acid is harsh on the immature digestive system.

Don't feed egg whites to babies under one year of age, due to potential allergic reaction. Cooked egg yolks are fine.

Don't force feed your child. To begin solids foods, start with one or two spoonfuls and let your baby guide you.

Don't limit your child's fat intake during the first two years. Fats are necessary to development.


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Kenapa ya?
Heran deh.. kenapa ya kenneth sekarang merasa tidak aman di tempat tidurnya sendiri? tiap mau bobo, mostly mesti gue tungguin di samping tempat tidurnya.. sambil salah satu telunjuk gue digenggam oleh tangan dia. Kalo gue pergi.. even cuman 2 m aja, tapi face gue nggak keliatan ama dia.. nangis deh. Dan akan lebih parah kalo udah sore hari... kalo pagi dan siang siy kadang2 nggak gitu... tapi kalo sore pasti deh... jadi rewel dan manja. Kaya takut ditinggal sendiri gituu... nangisnya tuh bisa histeris banget... mau nggak mau gue tongkrongin sampe dia bener2 kelelep...


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006,12:58:00 PM
Thanks ya buat infonya
Waduh.. thanks yaa buat alice dan yulian.. cepet banget responnya hehehe… Tadi gue dah telfon jeff minta dia beli di toko rejeki karena kebetulan kantornya di hayam wuruk jadi nggak terlalu jauhlah…

Selama ini kenneth udah beberapa kali ganti susu siy, dan gue nggak pernah pake campur2 ama susu lama. Hal ini sempet gue tanyain ama Dsanya, katanya selama susunya setara… (maksudnya sama2 buat baby di bawah 6 bulan), nggak perlu dicampur2… kecuali ntar kalo dia ganti susu formula lanjutan, baru.. perlu dicampur dulu. And pengalaman selama ini siy dia nggak pernah sampe bab berulang kali, jadi gue rasa bukan karena susunya nggak gue campur deh….

Kalo tajin nggak boleh kental ya? Wahh berarti kudu gue kurangi yaa… Sebelum gue kasi roti dan buah, gue udah kasi air tajin duluan dan babnya normal tuh… jadi bukan tajin penyebabnya. Yang gue rasa siy antara biscuit ato pir deh…

Kemaren malam baru bongkar2 internet lagi…. Ternyata harus dikukus dulu yaaaa buahnya?? Wahhh selama ini semua buahnya langsung gue blender :p… pagi ini baru gue kukus…. Gue siy kenalin buah 1 macam selama beberapa hari, yaa seminggu-an lah gitu… baru setelah itu kasi buah baru lagi. Selama ini baru pepaya ama pir siy… jeruk baby belum gue kasi karena kenneth banyak dahaknya, gue takut memicu batuk nantinya.

Mengenai empeng… hm… emang agak susah niy.. dari bayi udah dikasi siy, mula2 siy biar dia gampang tidur… lama2 udah jadi barang wajib. Rencana gue siy ntar dia dah tumbuh gigi mau gue sapih…. Selama dia makenya belum ada gigi siy nggak masalah deh kayanya… tapi kalo udah ada gigi .. mungkin baru memberi pengaruh… sepertinya siy bakal perjuangan berat niy nyapih empeng dia hehehe…
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Monday, September 11, 2006,5:45:00 PM


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,4:41:00 PM
Beli rice cereal buat baby dimana ya?
Buat Alice dan Yulian tau nggak ya beli rice cereal buat baby dimana? Kalo di indo sepertinya makanan pertama baby kebanyakan biskuit ato buah, tapi di luar banyak yg kasi rice cereal seperti juju dan shierly.. jadi pengen nyobain juga niy.....

Kenneth siy nggak nolak waktu gue kasi biskuit farley kemaren, malahan dia bisa buka mulut untuk nangkap sendoknya. Kalo pear korea dia juga demen.... gue juice tanpa kasi air, trus masukin botol tinggal dia isep....

Tapi kemaren dia BAB sampe 6x... gue jadi bingung juga.. apa karena biskuit ato pear-nya ya? BABnya siy nggak encer .. kata sepupu gue lagi mau pinter.. ganti perut katanya. hehehe.. tau deh istilah mana.. Tapi nurut gue lebih karena pencernaannya yg belum kuat ato belum sempurna 'kali yaaa... jadinya nggak keserep tubuh tapi kebuang semua. Keliatan banget pupnya itu warnanya sama dengan warna tajin beras merah yg gue kasi ke dia tiap minum susu. Sekarang gue nggak pernah pake air putih lagi, tapi semuanya dari air tajin.. soalnya dia minum susunya sedikit siy.. jadi yaa biar lebih kenyanglah... kadang2 sampe kental banget. And sepertinya siy dia jadi lebih mau ngisep.. mungkin susunya jadi nggak terlalu neg.

Selama 2 hari ini dia juga minumnya Vitalac. Ato jangan2 gara2 susunya yg gue ganti ya, jadi BABnya sering banget??

Hari ini manja banget dah... mesti gue tongkrongin dulu kalo mau bobo, tiap gue tinggal langsung nangis.. begitu gue samperin dia cengengesan. Duhh menggemaskan deh... Kadang biar udah kepejam matanya, dia suka buka sedikit sambil ngechek gue ada nggak di samping Boks dia... kalo ada dia pejam lagi.. kalo nggak yaaa.. nangis dah... Jadi mesti tunggu dia bener2 kelelep baru bisa pergi.. Duhh sampe kapan yaa tidurnya susah begini... pusingggg... kurang istirahat niy gue.... :(
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