Friday, July 20, 2007,8:08:00 PM
Toy for 12 - 18 months
By 13 months, about half of all babies walk, but most still fall over if they lose momentum.

At 15 months, he is beginning to twist his wrist so that his hand turns independently of his arm.

He is more purposeful in the way he explores objects.

He can put two ideas together to make a plan and his behavior begins to flow.

He starts to treat objects in appropriate ways: he cuddles teddy bears and presses the button on his jack-in-the-box.

He says his first word (any time after 8 months). First words generally relate to objects: cats, dogs and buses are popular, as are sounds associated with food such as "Yummm."

Toy that are right for this age

Push and pull toys
Slow, battery-powered ride-ons
Toys to encourage early learning
Dollhouse-themed playsets
Musical instruments
Building blocks
Puzzles with knobs or a few large pieces
Low climbing gym


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