Wednesday, March 18, 2009,3:00:00 PM
Pacifier Tattoo Rock Star

Pacifier Tattoo Rock Star

Let’s rock, Baby!

This pacifier made from silicone in jaw suitable form is a real eye-catcher with its RockStarBaby-design. The saucy pirate picture and the atypical baby-colours black and silver inspire both, big and little rebels!

Black shield, silver button and ring

Give your baby the benefit of producer’s Novatex experience of 20 years. Novatex, based in Pattensen by Hannover, develops its products in collaboration with hospitals, universities and orthodontists.

All articles by RockStarBaby are examined by the independent Fresenius institute.

You receive a product of high quality, Made in Germany. It perfectly fits your baby’s needs.

Our tip: Just try to combine black sunglasses to this pacifier!


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