Wednesday, November 26, 2008,1:14:00 AM
Nuby Wacky Ware Microwaveable bowl

Salah satu review niy :)

When it was revealed there were harmful toxins in the some of the baby plastic items we use each and every day, I was tempted to throw all my plastic cups, feeding sets, and utensils into the trash and to only let my child use their fingers and organic paper plates and cups. Methinks a bit messy, wasteful and not very practical. Fortunately there are many items out there that are not only safe and also stylish, like these Nuby BPA Free Wacky Ware Microwavable Bowls ($7.60 each). They are made from tough polypropylene plastic (plastic #5 for those keeping score at home) so they’re safe to nuke. They have handles on both sides and also lids that make for a tight seal. These bowls are safe and practical and pretty damn cute too.

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