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Your Chinese astrology sign is Rabbit

Rabbit + Rabbit
These two can get along very well together. Their romantic natures make for a harmonious relationship, and they will also share similar interests. They'll enjoy conversations with each other, and love to socialize together. Two rabbits are likely to devote a lot of energy to making a beautiful and stable home, and each will be very supportive of the other. Rabbits can, however, be a little passive, and their relationship might become boring without an injection of fun every now and again

Are You Interested in a Gemini Person?
Keep in mind that the Gemini is the sign of the twins. There is a part of them that needs love and security, and then the stronger part of them needs stimulation and novelty. To remain in a relationship with a Gemini you must be able to satisfy their emotional, mental and sexual needs. They love to laugh, travel, spend money, and are eager for new experiences.
Since they know a little about many things and almost everything interests them, you can make a great impression by discussing a topic in depth. The Gemini appreciates honesty and sincerity in a person, so make sure you speak your mind, even if you don't share the same point of view. Additionally, don't always stick to one topic of interest, since variety is something they enjoy and find intriguing. These very social and energetic people tend to have a sharp tongue. They are quick to criticize and tend to use words as weapons, so if you are an emotional person that takes things to heart, you may want to avoid this relationship.

When in love, they tend to be quite possessive and inclined to be jealous. Never give them reason to suspect that you are not faithful to them. They don't like to be deceived, and won't put up with it. Once a Gemini has found someone they can trust and fills all their needs, they will be an exciting and devoted partner.
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