Thursday, March 11, 2004,5:49:00 PM
hasil tes gue

hehehe... kepanjangan yak? emang sih... gue post yg khusus buat relationship-nya aja deh :)

You are an ENTP!

ENTP Strengths

  • Enthusiastic, upbeat, and popular
  • Can be very charming
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Extremely interested in self-improvement and growth in their relationships
  • Laid-back and flexible, usually easy to get along with
  • Big idea-people, always working on a grand scheme or idea
  • Usually good at making money, although not so good at managing it
  • Take their commitments and relationships very seriously
  • Able to move on with their lives after leaving a relationship

    ENTP Weaknesses

  • Always excited by anything new, they may change partners frequently
  • Tendency to not follow through on their plans and ideas
  • Their love of debate may cause them to provoke arguments
  • Big risk-takers and big spenders, not usually good at managing money
  • Although they take their commitments seriously, they tend to abandon their relationships which no longer offer opportunity for growth
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